How the sports industry has ended up being so profitable

Football is an incredibly valuable business, and the next leagues generate the most income.

The football league that produces the most revenue through its T.V. deals plays in England and Wales. The league is viewed all over the world and, as a result, there is a tremendous range of money to be made from T.V. companies paying for the rights to air the matches. In the UK, there are a limited range of games televised, as they want to inspire people to watch the games live, however in places such as the USA you can watch practically every game. The Comcast boards have been able to secure the rights to play different premier division games in the USA, which then allows for a considerable range of sports marketing chances for both the T.V. company and likewise 3rd party companies hoping to advertise during the match. These instances of advertising and T.V. rights grant the clubs in the English top league an astonishing amount of money. The money clubs access can be used to invest in the squads, stadiums, training facilities or just to line the owner’s pocket, however fans would hope that the latter is not the case. The extraordinary advancements in sports technology, have assisted to generate further revenue for important leagues like the English division but also the more obscure ones from all over the world through apps and the like.

The future of club football is a little uncertain in the foreseeable future, with different regulating bodies attempting to produce an international team league. However, what is unquestionable is that the large amount of money being generated will not necessarily stop anytime soon. The Gazprom board, the company that sponsors the Champions League, will hope that the fresh division doesn't surface, as they sponsor a competition that plays the top soccer in the world today. The proposed league would generate more money for the leading clubs that would be invited to the tournament, so they may drive for it to be created, but their fans will most likely oppose this as it changes what has been a century long heritage of domestic club soccer.

If you really want to view evidence of the wealth in a football league, then the top location to look is at the wages of the footballers. Expert footballers are one of the highest paid sportspeople, and the highest paid footballers mainly play in Europe, which is the hub of the sports industry in football terms. One of the most popular footballers in the world today, who recently signed for the top club in the Italian division, is proof of how much money is in the division. Money in the division originates from transactions such as the one struck by the Telecom Italia board with the division to have naming rights over it, the cash from said deal will then trickle down to the clubs competing in the league and that will then pay for the wages of the footballers.

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